Pure Fidelity

K2 Tone Arm

Pure Fidelity K2 Tonearm – by Pure Fidelity


There are many manufactures using OEM Rega arms and others doing modified versions. The K2 is neither -- It is a complete rebuild. Rega’s greatest strength is their superb one piece arm tube. However, even their top arms have areas that need attention. The K2 addresses all of these areas. Set up is extremely easy and once completed there is nothing to tweek. For those that like to set up once and be done with it, the K2 is your arm.


  • All original bearings are removed and replaced with the highest grade available
  • Arm tube is foam filled around Cardas Copper Litz internal wiring
  • External wiring is a custom formulation of Silver and OFC Copper with high quality gold plated RCA’s
  • Separate Grounding Wire
  • Cardas cartridge Tags
  • Arm tube is stripped and polished to relieve stress in the alloy
  • Custom Counterweight manufactured for us by Origin Live
  • Vertical Tracking Angle (VTA) is adjustable in 1 mm increments with our custom machined VTAS. The VTAS is standard with the K2
  • Retains that famous PRAT but adds much more refinement, resolution and depth