High End Turntables Canada – Custom Built Record Players by Pure Fidelity



Pure fidelity produces Made to Order, high performance turntables that are both visually stunning and extremely musical. Our fully customizable, Made in Canada record players are all built by hand. We source only the finest parts and materials available, in order to deliver an extremely high end product.

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Our hand built modern turntables adhere to a holistic approach, where all parts contribute to a high resolution listening experience that vinyl is so unique at delivering. No detail is too small in our design and production process.

Precision Made Tonarms Canada - by Pure Fidelity

Precision Made


The tonearm is a critical piece in the analog puzzle. An accomplished arm is essential to maximize the performance of any classic or modern turntable. It is also critical to the success of any cartridge, regardless of the type. Our tables have great synergy with the many arms that we have tested

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