Bronze Bearing Shaft and Ruby Bearing Ball

Why Bronze over the Industry standard Brass? Although Bronze is more expensive than brass it’s benefits far outweigh the extra cost. Bronze is one of the best materials for a bearing due to it’s durability, strength and low coefficient of friction.

Less friction = Less Noise = Blacker Background.

Ruby Bearing Ball vs Steel Bearing Ball

We could buy over 100 steel balls for the cost of just one Ruby Ball. But once again we chose the best material for the job regardless of the price. The only thing harder than a Ruby is a diamond.

The end result of combing these two materials is a dead silent, frictionless drive system.

Motor Drive System

Our custom designed 12 Volt AC Synchronous motor is the heart of the drive system. It provides quiet ,stable and vibration free power to the sub platter. Our custom modifications completely eliminate any clogging in the motor. Two stainless steel pulleys work in conjunction with the large sub platter to ensure precise speed stability. Our sub platters are made from Aircraft Aluminum and Stainless Steel and are machined to extremely tight tolerances for a precise fit inside the Bronze Bearing Shaft.

Delrin Platters

Ever wonder why some manufactures choose glass and others choose aluminum for their platters. One believing low mass is the way to go and the other preferring heavy mass. The problem with both is that you need some kind of mat to tame the resonance and the ringing. We firmly believe that Delrin is the ultimate choice for record platters. Delrin shares many of the same properties of the vinyl record and it has the mass needed to maintain speed stability. We experimented with all types of high end thermoplastics but ultimately decided on Delrin because of the sonic benefits. You get a very balanced frequency response with an almost organic feel to the music. Delrin is very expensive compared to Acrylic but the musical rewards in playback justifies to cost. Our Encore and Eclipse models are supplied with a 36mm platter and our Harmony and Horizon come with a 48mm platter.

SS-1 Record Weight

The SS-1 is a solid stainless steel record weight with black felt attached to the underside. It is designed to slip over the record spindle in order to dampen vibrations and flatten your LPs. The result is an increase in resolution and a lower noise floor. A very good yet economical solution to a common problem.

Size; 20 mm tall x 70 mm wide (.75inches tall x 2.75” wide)
It weighs 750 grams (1.6 lbs)