Maestro SC

Maestro SC Turntable Power Supply - by Pure Fidelity in Canada


At Pure Fidelity we believe pure, clean and stable power is critical for musical playback. All AC synchronous motors are directly controlled by the frequency they are supplied. A simple (wall wart) transformer is all that some menufactures use to convert wall voltage to motor's input - this is not a good solution because the power from your wall contains noise, spikes and distortions. The result of poor power is an unsatisfying musical experience.

The Maestro is the ultimate speed control and power supply solution. The main unit controls the speed selection and is powered by it's own dedicated Linear power supply. This clean and stable power is the key to an engaging musical and extremely quiet presentation.


  • Electronic Speed selection via front panel toggle switches
  • Designed specifically for our custom made 12 VAC AC Asynchronous Motor
  • Completely decouples the motor from the wall voltage
  • Converts AC line Voltage to DC current
  • A Precision Oscillator sends a perfect sinewave at 12 VAC to drive the motor
  • Impervious to Voltage fluctuations