Press Reviews

New Record Day: Harmony Long-Term Review; April 2022

“This Harmony table is highly recommended as one of the best tables that I’ve spent time with regardless of its price. This table…

Review of the Harmony on Audiogon; March 2022

“The Harmony has very little self-noise and is by far the quietest turntable I’ve ever owned. …Throughout my time with the Harmony, I…

Ron at New Record Day reviews the Harmony; May 2021

“One of the finest platforms for vinyl playback that I ever spent time with. Make no mistake: this table picks fights with some…

Audiophilia’s Anthony Kershaw reviews the Stratos; May 2021

“This outstanding moving coil may be worth a quick look and even quicker decision to purchase. Yes, it’s that good. And underpriced.”

Resistor Magazine’s Rafe Arnott reviews the Horizon; May 2021

“An aesthetically-pleasing, sonically adroit hybrid-turntable design… A cohesive, cerebral and emotionally eloquent listening experience… The Pure Fidelity Horizon never seemed to impart a…

Anthony Kershaw of Audiophilia reviews the Harmony; Spring 2019

“With a turntable and arm combo of such fine quality, you could hang a Goldfinger Statement cart and it would party just fine.…

Rafe Arnott of the Occasional Part-time Audiophile reviews the Eclipse

“What do you do when you’ve owned a number of turntables over the years but always found one aspect of each design you’ve entertained to be wanting?”

Audiophilia’s Anthony Kershaw reviews the Eclipse

“The turntable is silent, the backgrounds totally black. …Violinist Issac Stern believes music is the sound between the notes. The Eclipse allowed me…

Eclipse turntable named an Audiophilia 2018 Product of the Year

"John Stratton is to be congratulated on Pure Fidelity's formation, the quality of the engineering and design, and its wonderful Eclipse Turntable."