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Before he built the first Pure Fidelity turntable, John Stratton spent decades listening closely to many of the best around. All of them had pros – and cons. High-mass turntables can achieve rock-solid bass, but tend to sound dull. Low-mass designs can have excellent speed and dynamics, but too often sound bright. Suspended decks can have good timing, but lack bass. It was to combine the best elements of each design that John developed the ultimate “hybrid” approach with intermediate mass based on an ultra-MDF plinth. The result is a sonic revelation: balanced, lively and supremely musical. Hand crafted in our Vancouver, Canada workshop, Pure Fidelity turntables have consistently earned critical praise, industry awards, and the devotion of many a music lover.

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Meet John Stratton

Pure Fidelity was founded by John Stratton, a dedicated audiophile and vinyl enthusiast who waited more than ten years after the CD player’s introduction before reluctantly buying his first one. John has owned a long list of high-end turntables from all the usual suspects. And while he enjoyed them all, he ultimately found issues with them all. It was these insights and experiences that led to the creation of Pure Fidelity.

"My quest for the perfect turntable is over."

Robin Alexander, St. Thomas, ON

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VANCOUVER, BC. October 24, 2022. Supreme precision, smoother operation and user-adjustable pitch controls highlight the new Conductor speed control now offered on all…

Resistor Magazine’s Rafe Arnott reviews the Horizon; May 2021

“An aesthetically-pleasing, sonically adroit hybrid-turntable design… A cohesive, cerebral and emotionally eloquent listening experience… The Pure Fidelity Horizon never seemed to impart a…