The tonearm is critical, essential to the performance of any turntable and the success of any cartridge. Fortunately, Pure Fidelity turntables have great synergy with many arms that we have tested. Now we’re delighted to offer a range of four, carefully-chosen tonearms from Origin Live, the multi-award-winning company based in Southampton, England. Each arm is a leader in its price class. And each performs beautifully with our tables.
Premium Tonearms

The premium range includes transformative features like our arm tubes, built from multiple layers to improve stiffness, energy transmission and damping. They also employ dual-pivot bearings to reduce friction and improve de-coupling. These features give a world-class performance with the promise of many long hours of enjoyment.

Zephyr Mk4 Tonearm
Superb performance at a surprising price.
Encounter Mk4 Tonearm
Featuring the famous Dual Pivot bearings.
Illustrious SE Tonearm
Ground-breaking design, astonishing performance.
Signature Tonearms

The Signature line of arms combines advanced engineering with design research that goes much deeper than most other manufacturers. These arms are the culmination of years of development derived from a passion for delivering the very best audio experience.

Enterprise Mk4 Tonearm

A statement of supreme musicality.

The Savant
Engineering Excellence Meets Sonic Purity.