Origin Live

Illustrious MK3c

Origin Live Illustrious MK3c - Premium Tonearm - by Pure Fidelity


Ground breaking design is behind the astonishing performance of the Illustrious arm. This award winning arm has been highly acclaimed as a true performance leader. The outstanding dynamics, bass power and transparency that this arm produces is a revelation. Clearly one of the world’s best arms, priced well below it’s true competition.


  • Hybrid arm tube, composed of 5 materials for superb energy dissipation
  • Ultra low friction dual-pivot bearings for sweet, precise treble performance
  • Floating vertical bearings decouple the arm tube from the deck, reducing coloration
  • High Mass Yoke results in an especially solid sound, particularly in the bass
  • High strength aircraft alloy headshell for increased dynamics
  • Superb Quality Copper conductor Plugs eliminate any possible signal degradation
  • Integral VTA adjustment