The Harmony, A Nostalgic Creation

with TA-2000 Tonearm
The Harmony Turntable - A Nostalgic Creation - by Pure Fidelity


The main goal of the Harmony is to add to the strengths of the Encore, improving the existing characteristics, not changing them.

The Harmony produces an extremely low noise floor not always associated with analog playback. From this inky black background music emerges with detailed accurate highs and superb bass resolution. The midrange is rich and the timbre of instruments and voices are real and tangible. The midrange is magical and in complete balance with the upper and lower octaves. When you listen to the Harmony you will get that emotional connection to the music that only superior analog playback can provide.


  • Solid aluminum isolation platform provides greater stability and a resonance free base for the plinth and supporting components
  • Ultra precise CNC machining and superior material choices enables us to achieve the tight tolerances needed for a quiet and musical presentation
  • High precision Bronze bearing for ultra smooth rotation and significantly less friction than the industry standard brass bearings
  • Larger Sub platter for increased speed stability and compatibility with the new thicker Delrin Platter
  • Two Silicone O-rings are inserted into the sub platter to grip the Delrin Platter and to isolate it from vibration
  • Massive 48 mm Delrin Platter further improves speed stability and contributes to the extremely low noise floor. The benefits are immediately noticeable in the musical presentation. The sound is organic and perfectly balanced
  • Custom designed 12 Volt AC Synchronous Motor provides quiet, stable and vibration free power to the sub platter. Our custom modifications completely eliminates any clogging in the motor.
  • The superb MAESTRO speed controller is standard. It comes with a separate Linear power supply